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About Priority Management

More Than 40 Years of Changing Lives

Priority Management is a world leader in management training, productivity improvement, and organisational development. Our international head office is Canadian based with 55 offices worldwide.


We work with leading multi-national companies around the world from Auckland to London to Hong Kong; including government departments in Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Europe, Australia and New Zealand; as well as with thousands of small and medium sized organisations. Forty years – over 2.2 million participants.


For 26 years,  Priority Management NZ proudly continues to successfully partner with and provide training solutions for a wide range businesses and organisations which improves their productivity and performance.    

We are committed to building partnerships with organisations and their people to continuously improve their performance. Our primary focus is to provide for our clients’ needs and to assist in reaching their objectives. 

Chris Macintosh

Managing Director, Priority Management New Zealand

Chris  is passionate about helping others achieve more in their lives, professionally and personally, He has a lifetime background in facilitation and coaching, initially as a school teacher for eleven years and in business across all levels of organisations from SME’s through to large corporates and government departments.

His experiences, from sales consultant to Regional Manager in his nine years with Tait Communications and then as Franchise Manager at Telecom for seven years, built a tremendous experience platform for his acquisition of the Priority Management New Zealand business over twenty two years ago.


Chris and his Priority Management NZ team continue to achieve significant success in making a very real difference by helping individuals and organisations find better ways to work, maximising the tools and resources they already have, to increase revenue and performance, something they are incredibly proud of.

Image by Bill Oxford

To become a Productivity Partner for our clients by delivering superior quality training solutions that:

  • PARTICIPANTS recommend to family, friends and colleagues

  • MANAGERS prefer for their staff

  • PURCHASERS select for their clients

  • EMPLOYEES are proud of and

  • STAKEHOLDERS seek out for long-term returns

Business Meeting

A Better Way to Work:

Offices across the globe helping reduce the level of effort it takes for our clients to reach their goals and objectives.


Creating extraordinary workers, communicators, and collaborators driven by results, through international best practices and tools.


One Priority

Our International enterprise achieves outstanding results with a global vision, a local presence and a dedicated, talented and accountable network of professionals.


Service To Customers

Our customers are Priority One - we work to understand their business issues and aspire to deliver measurable performance improvement for individuals, teams and their organisations.



Profitability enables us to invest in the best people, develop longstanding customer relationships, grow the business, learn, change and live our values.


Growth & Change

As a company, we take a leadership role in change, actively adapting to customer needs by continuously improving our people, products and processes to grow our global presence.


Our People

We are committed to diversity, open and honest communication in order to build a happy, trusting and self supporting global network.



We consider the world we live in today and tomorrow, and strive to improve the environmental and social impact in all aspects of our operation.

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