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Emergence of AI : Workplace Modernisation 

A man using AI

It is widely known nowadays that the booming trend of modernisation in the workplace is Artificial Intelligence or AI. Business sectors worldwide have been adopting AI to facilitate smooth and efficient transactions.  

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 

According to, Artificial intelligence (AI), is the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. The term is frequently applied to the project of developing systems endowed with the intellectual processes characteristic of humans, such as the ability to reason, discover meaning, generalise, or learn from past experience. 

How it started?: A brief history of AI  

By the 1950s, we had a generation of scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers with the concept of artificial intelligence (or AI) culturally assimilated in their minds. A young British polymath made his name known as he explored the mathematical possibility of artificial intelligence. He discussed in his paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence how to build intelligent machines and how to test their intelligence from his logical framework that humans use available information as well as reason in order to solve problems and make decisions, so why can’t machines do the same thing.  

Around year 1956, during the Dartmouth conference, the field of artificial intelligence was officially introduced. During this time, rule-based systems and symbolic thinking were the main topics of AI study. Whereas, from 1960s to 1970s, research shifted to developing expert systems designed to mimic the decisions made by human specialists in specific fields such as engineering, finance and medicine. As the years progressed, AI thrived, which leads to its successful emergence at the present time. 


How it affects the business? 


AI is diverse; thus, we must work smart to deliver our tasks efficiently.  Employees and business owners are starting to embrace this new trend and as it is still emerging, many are still in question as to how it is done, here where The WokingSm@rt Method comes in, as this was created to meet the changing demands of a complex, modern business world, evolving with the challenges in business to provide the solutions that organisations need to be successful. With this, they can have more time but less stress, as it will help them utilise applications that had been continuously improved with the help of AI.  


Increased employee productivity and customer satisfaction 

AI applications are widely used to assist users/ employees to work and gather information efficiently, helping them to obtain accurate information in a rapid manner that results to giving more time for employees to focus with other tasks while giving customers satisfaction.   

Improved Customer Service  

With the use of AI, customers were able to utilise services and gather answers to commonly asked questions at the comfort of their home.  

Prioritising Safety 


Applications are also reducing the risk and minimising accidents of employees and customers as they can be able to work and prioritise services at their own convenience.  

Furthermore, applications now a nowadays may also be of help to give improvements, suggestions, and safety for specific needs. A great example is those used to improve a building’s security measures, allowing entrance only to permitted individuals through iris scanning and voice recognition technology.    


Thus, it has many benefits, business owners can’t deny the fact that this can’t replace humans. Workplace is a fast paced environment and change is constant, it may be effective today it may still pose risks that tomorrow it won’t be as effective as it was yesterday. AI is to help and suggest, its work still needs to be regularly checked and updated to prevent it from becoming unfit for purpose.   

With all that, we, at Priority Management New Zealand can help you become more efficient in this fast paced environment. Contact us to know more!

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