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Priority Management Training: Transforming Organisations

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One remarkable success story involves New Zealand Post, a large and growing organisation facing the complexities of project management. While various project management methodologies existed, the critical issue was not just understanding the concepts but also executing projects effectively. Priority Management introduced the "Project Management Planning," emphasising not just project theory but also practical, hands-on planning and execution. This approach aimed to ensure projects were completed on time and within budget consistently.

The programme's success was a game-changer for New Zealand Post, as it led to improved project delivery and greater efficiency. Priority Management's willingness to share knowledge and adaptability to different frameworks set them apart in a competitive landscape. It showcased the importance of not just implementing a project management framework but also fostering behavioural change to ensure consistent success.

Working Sm@rt: A Solution for Growth

Food Standards Authority, facing rapid growth, turned to Priority Management for a solution. While growth was inevitable, the challenge was maintaining consistency across processes and behaviours. Priority Management introduced the "Working Sm@rt" programme, which, on the surface, might not seem directly related to rapid growth. However, it addressed the underlying issue of consistency.

The pilot workshop with directors and executive assistants proved to be a resounding success. Priority Management's approach centred on creating a playbook for consistency, focusing on how teams functioned and communicated. This playbook became a tool to align the organisation's growth with uniform practises.

The results were remarkable. Food Standards Authority rolled out the programme across the organisation, leading to a reduction in stress, improved time management, and a healthier work-life balance for employees. Priority Management's approach demonstrated that sometimes the most effective solutions aren't directly related to the problem at hand but can address underlying issues that have a ripple effect on the entire organisation.

Health and Well-being: The Power of Working Sm@rt

In the world of healthcare, stress and well-being of staff are critical concerns. A prominent healthcare organisation faced similar challenges and explored various training solutions, including resilience and well-being programmes. However, it was Priority Management's "Working Sm@rt" approach that stood out.

The programme focused on enhancing work processes and improving team coordination. It offered a solution that tackled the root causes of stress and inefficiency. The pilot programme yielded impressive results, leading to a decision to train the entire staff.

While the rollout faced challenges due to politics within the organisation, the impact of Priority Management's training was evident. Teams functioned better, communication improved, and workloads were managed more effectively. The programme delivered on its promise of stress reduction and increased productivity.

A Proven Approach to Behavioural Change

These success stories demonstrate the profound impact that Priority Management training programmes have on organisations of all sizes and industries.

The key takeaway is that effective training goes beyond theory; it instils behavioural change. Priority Management's ability to deliver immediate and measurable results, combined with the willingness to customise solutions to client needs, has solidified its position as a trusted partner for organisations seeking transformation.

In a world where change is the only constant, Priority Management offers a roadmap to success through behavioural change, and storeys serve as inspiration for organisations striving to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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